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Why Insightstrader?

Why Insightstrader?

We’d like to say there’s only one reason traders trade with Insightstrader. But there isn’t.

For some traders, it’s the ability to trade the most popular products – Forex ,stocks, ETFs, Binaryoptions, futures – with one direct-access online broker. For others, it’s the added confidence that comes with using trading and analysis tools that are consistently rated the industry’s best. And for some traders, it’s the personalized, client-centered support, training and education they can’t find at other major brokers.

Exceptional Trading Tools Are The Rule, Not The Exception

Our arsenal of trading and analysis tools give you advantages once enjoyed only by professional traders.

For example, Shared Wallet Platform ® allows you to monitor and rank up to 1,000 symbols in real time, based on more than 180 technical and fundamental indicators as well as your own custom criteria. Our Matrix feature combines the benefits of a market depth window, a highly-advanced order-entry tool and an order-tracking system – all in one window.

Insightstrader also gives you the ability to create, back-test, optimize and fully automate your own custom trading strategies, to ensure that you never miss a trading opportunity.

Stay Connected Wherever You Go With Our Web And Mobile Apps

Not at your desktop? No problem – Insightstrader mobile and web trading make it easy to access core features of our desktop platform, synchronized to your online account in real time.

Access our web trading app from any web browser and get streaming real-time data and convenient one-click trade execution – the same essential capabilities featured in our desktop software.

With Insightstrader mobile, you can use your iPhone, iPad or Android device to monitor real-time quotes, analyze charts, search for symbols, place an order, check your positions and balances and even trade options spreads – all in real time, 24/7.

Get The Power To Translate Virtually Any Trading Idea Into Reality

Because no two traders trade alike, Insightstrader offers many different ways to customize your platform’s trading and analysis capabilities On shared wallet Forex & binary options In 1 wallet

Our fully customizable market monitoring, charting and analysis tools help you identify and act instantly on trading opportunities. Our proprietary Easy Language technology allows you to create custom indicators and strategies and back-test them against one of the industry’s most extensive historical databases.

Or simply visit the Insightstrader.com site where you’ll find hundreds of products – indicators, strategies and more – that amplify the power of your platform.

Simplify Options Trading And Analysis With Insightstrader Pro

More traders are discovering the exciting world of options trading,* and Insightstrader fully integrated Shared wallet Platform provides an options trading and Forex ,analysis platform for aspiring and seasoned options traders alike.

Interactive position graphs, integrated probability cones and drop-and-drag position management allow you to build, evaluate, trade and track your options strategy position.

Get Help When You Need It From Licensed Brokerage Professionals

From answering account-related questions to providing advanced technical support, Insightstrader prides itself on delivering personalized, client-centered assistance.

We provide a wide range of services, including dedicated support from highly trained, licensed brokerage professionals. Need help with staging a complex order? Getting in touch with a Insightstrader representative is fast and easy, whether by phone, email, live chat.

And our technical support experts know the platform inside and out – if you have an issue, they’ll own it until it’s resolved.