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Hello, My name is Jack Brown, founder of Insights Trader Software © 2017

Insights Trader Software can give you the opportunity of getting ahead by offering you free access to our Forex Expert Advisor Software. InsightsTrader will give you this opportunity free of charge!

Our team has been helping people all around the globe increase their net worth. We’ve been paid in past to do so, but for a limited time we’re offering our expertise to those who really need it for free!

You too can profit from the financial markets from the comfort of your own home. Most of our users are getting modest daily returns with great consistency, try it our for yourself!

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Jack Brown

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Do i need a computer?
Yes, but you don’t need to have specials skills

What is the minimum trading amount?
our system can trade a small amount also

Can i widthraw my founds?
Yes, withdraw at anytime

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