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Trading Contract For Difference

What Is A CFD?

A Contract for Difference (CFD) is a contract entered into by a buyer and a seller asserting that the seller must pay the buyer the difference in value of an asset at contract time and its value at present time. There is a multitude of advantages when trading CFDs and these advantages have made them extremely popular.

Advantages of CFDs

  • You can take both short and long positions with the same ease when trading CFDs. The margin requirements for taking a short position are the same as the ones for taking a long position and there are no additional selling rules if you want to go short.
  • Trading CFDs is far less costly than trading the underlying stock, index or futures contract and can still deliver the same gains.
  • Execution is instant so your trades are executed with no delay and there are no interferences in your transactions.
  • When trading CFDs you can profit even at times when the market is falling because you hold the great advantage of being able to take a short position.

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